Misti Wagner, Talent Coordinator at DANI'S AGENCY

Misti Wagner was born March 23, 1980. She began in the industry in 1987 when Dani her mother opened Dani's Agency. She worked as talent in voice-overs for radio spots, on-camera TV commercials and print ads. She went through the entire beginning actor process. She had a photo shoot with Still-n-Motion, did theater, acting classes and trained with Jean Fowler at Coachworks. The money she earned and saved up help pay for the down payment of her first house on her 19th Birthday.

During her high school years and while working part-time with the agency Misti worked the summers at Golfland Sunsplash. She developed good work ethics and was promoted to a manager position when she returned the following year. When she was a senior in high school she interned part-time with Dani at the Agency and received credit in her marketing class in 1997. She watched and learned from Dani and decided to continue working with talent at the agency after she graduated high school in 1998.

Misti has garnered quite a reputation for looking out for beginners in the industry and has been on several TV news shows warning viewers of possible scams in the valley.
With over 19 years working at Dani's Agency Misti has been featured in Raising Arizona Kids, Arizona Republic, local news reports, as well as Sonora Living as their go to person regarding the entertainment industry for actors and models.
Here is a more recent Sonora Living.

In 2000 she got married and in 2008 she had her son. In 2007 they opened up a restaurant in Chandler. They were featured in Phoenix Magazine 1 of 50 "50 Best Dishes in the Valley" and several other publications and awards. In May 2016 after 9 long years of owning and operating the business they made a choice not continue when an offer to take over the lease came up so they choose to move on and close down. It was a learning experience to say the least as well as a huge accomplishment. The food was amazing and of course she catered the agency holiday party so lots of our talent got to enjoy it as well!!!

Misti continues to be a guest speaker at events, schools and will do private consultations in the East Valley with her new company that is designed to educate talent about the biz. She has videos and a website packed full of free information. During covid she made this her project to help as many folks as she could.

If you or someone you know needs more information about this industry contact Misti for a consultation at 480-529-9931. Her goal is to save you time and money when you are just getting started. https://www.actingbusinesscoach.com/

Misti's office email... misti@danisagency.com

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