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 - Melissa Alejandra (mid/deep) warm, sultry to girl nex door, reporter, friendly to sassy, smooth, sensual and perky    
* Betsy Beard (mid/high) mature, matter-of-fact, and a little bit wacky    
* Pam Beitman (mid/high) girl next door, perky, soft to classy, wide range of characters    
 - Helene Benigno-Stich (mid/deep) friendly, perky, ditsy, believable, warm and sincere, announcer    
 - LaGina Bevans (mid/deep) charismatic, dramatic, edgy, friendly to powerful, warm and sultry    
 - Stephanie Bianchi (mid) young, smooth, perky to sexy    
 - Sarah Cargill (mid/deep) raspy and sassy young trend setter, animation to character    
* Deborah Collins (mid) warm and sincere to powerful, dramatic and believable, wide range and versatile  
 - Bre Connelly (mid) sincere, girl next door, news reporter to mom  
 - Kim Covington (mid/deep) rich, distinctive, warm, authoritative to friendly, mom to news anchor    
 - Renee Crow (mid/high) trustworthy, friendly girl next door, sweet to sexy, sincere    
* Tina Dickens (mid) warm and inviting, fun and sassy, character, versatile, sings too    
 - Karie Dozer (mid/deep) girl next door to thirty-something, dialects, sincere    
 - Alexis Driscol (mid-high ) sassy, young and friendly, bubbly, ditsy to country-friendly, light hearted, perky and a singer    
 * Dee Drenta (mid) announcer, friendly, girl next door to warm and sultry, trustworthy and dramatic  
 - Serenity Starr Foreman (high) (age range 8 - 12)    
 - Natalie Gray (low/mid/high) genuine and engaging, trustworthy and smart, confident and friendly, playful, savvy and wry, versatile and cartoon character  
 - Marlyn Gutierrez (mid/high) Bilingual, smooth, energetic, versatile, experienced and on-air personality  
 * Danita Jackson (mid/deep) announcer, charasimatic, girl next door to sensual and sassy,versitile wide range, singer    
 - Ele Huebner (mid/high) believable spokesperson, friendly and relatable, from enthusiastic retail to soothing zen    
 - Mira Jordan (mid) girl next door, edgy, young, sensual    
 - Sarah Ladick (mid/high) 16 year old (age range 13 - 17)    
* Patricia Landau (mid/deep) classy, warm, persuasive and assured, authentic and candid    
 - Julie Lawson (mid) unique, comedic, quirky, character, real and warm    
 - Becky Lynn (mid) friendly, upbeat spokeswomen with a sparkle, very likable  
 - Maren Maclean (mid/high) news anchor, young, energetic, dramatic    
 - Cissi Marie (mid) announcer, believable and friendly, news anchor or reporter, singer, sincere and warm  
 - Tamara McDaniel (mid/deep) authoritative, friendly, girl next door, hard sell to laid back, smooth and sultry  
 - Sara Michaels (mid/high) believable, character, girl next door, perky, sexy, quirky, wide range, singer    
 - Margarita Montijo (mid/high) Bilingual, announcer, bubbly, dramatic, edgy but friendly, sassy and smooth
 - Lanaya Nilsson (mid/high) bubbly, character, country friendly, ditsy, perky, sensual and sincere    
 - Madison Ottinger (high) 19 years old (age range 17 - 20)    
 - Pat Powers (mid) bright, at times slightly grainy, unpretentious and believable  
 - Mary Reilly (mid/deep) cool young chic, raspy tones, informative, story teller  
 - Christa Rimmer (high) child-like, quirky, animated, bubbly with lots of energy    
 - Michele Robins (mid/deep) sexy, sultry, with a girl next door sound
 - Mandy Rose (mid/deep) young, warm, smooth, sweet and friendly
 - Brooklynn Rydman (high) 19 years old (age range 17 - 19)    
 - Jan Sandwich (mid/high) high energy, perky to sincere, character voices galore, sings great    
 - Joan Steen Silberschlag (mid/deep) melodic, articulate, diverse, distinctive, believable    
* Sugano (high/mid/deep) 5 year old child to 93 year old, endless range & types of characters    
 - Terey Summers (mid/deep) characters, creative in style, little girl to bag lady, fun    
 - Sherri Thomas (mid/high) fresh, energetic, upbeat, friendly, professional    
 - Julie Van Lith (mid/high) British, with all the dialects, elegant smooth to quite the character    
 - Lisa Wilcox (deep) sultry, fresh, strong, naturally authoritative, suggestive, warm, sassy  
 - Dineta Williams-Trigg (mid/deep) friendly, girl next door    
 - Melissa Zartman

(mid) announcer, friendly, girl next door to news reporter, perky and sassy, flirty and fun, soothing

 * Bettye Zoller (mid/deep) announcer, mature, smooth and sweet, wide range, dramatic


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