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 * Rob Actis (mid) announcer, believable, dramatic, rich and smooth, warm and sophisticated  
 - Juan Aguirre (mid/deep) warm, sincere, trustworthy, authoritative, sympathetic, fun, comical
 - Tim Andrews (deep) edgy, believable, rocker, real, manly, natural, bold, distinctive and friendly  
 - Scott Bailey (mid) guy next door, wide range, rugged to character   
 - John Barrow (mid/deep) sincere, friendly, serious, just buy it, down home boy  
 - Ty Bass (mid/deep) mellow, distinguished to tauntingly playful    
* Gil Berry (mid/deep) wide range, announcer, character voices with dialects    
 - Jim Bigler (mid) character, sound effects, guy next door, wide range    
 - Roger Blakiston (mid) British (all dialects) goofball comedy, elegant, charming    
 - William Bradford (mid/high) young, charasmatic and freindly, guy next door, sincere and trustworthy, versatile  
 - Art Brooks (mid/deep) announcer, believable, light hearted, news anchor, warm  
 - Denny Brown (mid/deep) versatile, wide range, many character voices    
 - Norm Buck (deep) warm with a crinkle, mellow, mature, friendly and distinguished  
 - James Burnes (mid/deep) friendly and believable, versatile, announcer and characters
 - John Edison Clay (mid) warm, comfortable, natural, sincere, character, US regional dialects
 - Jared Cohen (mid) announcer, charismatic and believable, light-hearted and friendly, powerful, sincere and trustworthy, news anchor or reporter    
 - Andy Cooper (deep/mid, mid) Charismatic, Friendly, Believable Guy next door to Sophisticated and Trustworthy, Warm, Young, Laid back, Character    
 - Gary Cruz (mid/deep) authoritative, believable, friendly, sports news reporter and anchor    
 - Christopher Daniels (deep) authoritative, warm, dramatic, big network sound    
* Larry Davis (high/mid/deep) wide range, versatile, characters, announcer friendly to powerful
* Peter Davis (mid/deep) British, announcer, beleivable and dramatic, laid back , light hearted and smooth, warm and resonate
* Michael DeCamp (deep/mid, mid) announcer, character, dramatic, friendly, guy next door, light hearted, resonate, warm, sincere and versatile
 - Glen Delander (mid/deep) dialogues, warm, neighborly, honest and kind    
 - Thomas Dunn (mid/deep) announcer, warm and trustworthy, dramatic to country friendly
 - Michael Edwrds (deep) announcer, authoritative, character to charismatic, laid back to hard sell, rich and powerful, talk fast    
 - Chad Eggen (mid/deep) character, distinguished to guy next door, light hearted and laid back to rugged, versatile with a wide range  
 - Eric Finley (mid/deep) rich, smooth, natural, genuine, comfortable and characters
 - Aaron Fischer (mid/deep-mid/high) wide range, announcer, character, dramatic, friendly and sincere to smooth and trustworthy, talk fast  
* David Fouquette (mid) unique comedic & wry real guy, characters, extensive impressions  
 - Fred Gallardo (mid/deep) announcer to news reporter, charismatic and distinguished, country friendly, smooth, trsutworthy and warm    
 - Gene Ganssle (mid/deep) fast talking, straight, dialogues and characters    
 - Steve Goldstein (mid/deep) dynamic, sincere, comfortable/comforting, authoritative    
 - Karl Haas (mid - mid/deep) announcer, authoritative and believable, friendly but distinguished, powerful and resonate to smooth and versatile  
 - Hank Johnson (mid/deep) distinctive, mellow, rich, sensual, resonate, military & charismatic    
 - Israel Jimenez (mid) Bilingual, young, charismatic and friendly, guy next door, sincere and trustworthy    
 - Mark Mayfield (mid/deep) hard to soft sell, announcer, character voices, loves to act  
 - Billy Michaels (mid/high) believable, friendly, guy next door, laid back, sincere and trustworthy, unique, warm, young, charismatic    
 - Bruce Miles (mid/deep) husky, even whispery, versatile with comedic instincts
 - Bobby Minch (mid) announcer, dramatic and believable, warm and trustworthy, guy next door
 - Dean Moomey (mid) guy next door, animated to character, warm and gentle  
* Duke Morgan (mid/deep) character to charismatic, edgy to freindly, laid back to hard sell
 - Ken Morgan (mid/deep) husky expressive, warm, informative, bold, sincere    
 - Andy Nelson (mid) real guy with an edge, friendly, serious to humorous, characters    
 - Tim Paulson (mid/deep) Announcer, authoritative, friendly to guy next door, powerful to rugged and smooth  
 - Joe Pettigrew (mid) friendly, trustworthy, believable, sincere and informative, guy next door    
* Frank Piciullo (mid) announcer, dramatic and authoritative, light hearted and smooth, news anchor to singer, trustworhy and warm
 - Jack Randall (mid/deep) announcer, authoritative, credible, rich, warm and smooth  
 - Dave Ranes (mid) young, energetic, from guy next door to offbeat character    
 - Jason Rooney (mid) cool, hip, high energy, young, edgy  
* John Schile (mid/deep) character, wry, authoritative, comedic, friendly, announcer  

 - John Sipple

(deep) announcer, powerful dramatic and distinguished to light-hearted and warm  
* Frank Sprague (deep) newsman to character with a smooth appeal, mature    
 - Nick Tarr (mid) whimsical, "character" next door, fun, improv, high energy    
 - Michael Tassoni (mid/deep) young, sensual, soothing, articulate, cool dude, honest    
 - Mark Trombino (deep) animated character, unique and friendly    
 - Ben Tyler (mid) forty something believability, creative and comedic    
 - Jon Ward (mid/deep) delightfully British, warm to whimsical, authoritative narrator  
 - Art Webb (mid/deep) versatile, lush, commanding or soft, also characters    
 - Troy Wilde (mid/deep) announcer, charismatic, mature, powerful, rich and versatile  
* Mike Wittmers (mid) young, edgy, character, dramatic, light hearted to powerful    


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