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EMAILING your submission is preferred!
No open calls here, we take time to talk to you one on one during our individual appointment that works well with your schedule.
All talent auditions are with set appointment times with our clients and casting directors.
We always respect your time and treat you like a professional from the start no matter what level you are at in the process.

It takes approximately 48 hours to process talent and get on all 4 websites once the contract is signed.

When submitting for representation: 4 years and older (under 4 see below)

Please send a brief email with...

First & Last Name:
(include parents names for under 18 submissions)

Phone Number:


Ethnic Background:

Height and Weight:


Work Cross Streets:

Home Cross Streets:

Availability Mon-Friday 8am-5pm for AUDITIONS & JOBS with day before notice?

Are you currently in an Acting class? Who & where?

If not... When was the last acting class?

Do you have teleprompter experience?

How long do you plan on staying in AZ?

How did you here about Dani's Agency?

Attach your resume if you have one along with 3-5 photos. Include a smiling headshot showing teeth, a full body shot and a non-smile headshot. Either professional photos or snap shots are acceptable when submitting but you will be required to get professional headshots elsewhere and print them with Dani's Agency Logo and your name printed on them before being signed with the agency officially. The subject line should be - your first and last name "talent submission" and allow 1 week for a reply back. Misti will reply back to all emails she receives so if you don't hear back from her please try again because she didn't get it and your email got lost in cyber space.

Note: If your headshot is over a year old please forward a current photo along with your submission.

When submitting for representation: for under 4

For anyone 3 yrs old and younger email the agency 3 photo's total one full body, one close up smiling and one family shot. Include child's name, parents name, 2 contact phone numbers, DOB, HT and WT on the child only. Auditions and jobs are during the day and during the week. Jobs can be a 10 hr day. You will need to send in updated photo's every 12 months for us to consider your child when a job comes in for the age. Kids under 4 yrs old can be challenging to work with on set so this age does not have that much opportunities each year. For anyone 4 yrs old and over we do official sign them and it is exclusive for the state of Arizona.

  Attn: Misti Wagner -

If you are new to the business visit, watch and subscribe to...

Misti Wagner Acting Business Coach

youtube channel to help guide you to success.

Reviews from talent

Liam Gardner 10/2023
An amazing team to be apart of! Always so helpful and encouraging. Being apart of this team has allowed me to work with some awesome people like my favorite baseball player, and a stunt coordinator from "Game of Thrones". I would recommend Dani's Agency to anyone looking for an agent.

Gina Mura 9/2023
The second someone mentions getting into the modeling/acting industry I immediately send them to Dani's for consideration. I have been signed with Dani's for many years and always feel confident knowing that the jobs I book through them are legitimate and also safe!
They are a team of professionals who do not sugar-coat what the modeling and acting business entails and take pride in helping you succeed!

Eric Olsen 6/2023
Ive been with Danis for several years and thanks to her representation I have booked my first major Feature Film currently sreaming now on Prime! Ive also booked my first major commercial for Cold Stone! They are a family run business and they make you feel welcomed like family and in turn seek the best for you. Give Dani a call if youre based in Arizona. Do it now before 2024!

Lisha A 4/2023. Jennifer M 11/2022
My Granddaughter has been signed with Dani's for several years and has gotten so many wonderful opportunities and great experiences working with them. Bill and Dani and Misti are so great! I can say, they really are so supportive and work hard for their talent, and have so much knowledge about the industry. I love their values and I am honored to be a part of the Dani's agency family for years to come

Jennifer M 11/2022
Dani has successfully found me great talent for two different videos! Wonderful. Thank you, Dani

Ann Marie Sun 9/2022
I have been represented by Dani's Agency for 20 years now. As the industry is evolving and more for film, commercials, print, tv and streaming opportunities become available, Dani, Misti, and Bill have embraced all the change and brought us as talent along with them. I am now doing more self-tapes and in person auditions than before and they have taught me how to best market myself as an actress. I am so blessed to be represented by them!!!

Tina Jackson for Adam 8/2022
My son has been with Dani's agency for a few years now, and they are one of the leading agencies in the southwest. My son has had awesome opportunities and we have learned a lot. They are a family business so it makes it that much more personable. We are so happy to be part of Dani's team and look forward to what's ahead!

Matthew Dearing 10/2021
The Danis Agency is one of the most respected talent agencies in AZ. As the owner of Dearing Acting Studio and Phoenix Casting - I can say first hand that their talent is great and that the agency is top notch.

Kim Covington. 8/2021
I have been working with Dani's Agency for 15 years. Dani Green and her team are the most connected and knowledgeable in a crowded industry. Although the agency has hundreds of clients I always feel like they are giving me personal attention. They simply feel like family.

Becky Halstead 5/2021
I have worked with Dani and Bill for 34 years. wow! That went by fast! Dani is just getting better and better in her field....and she has always been outstanding. I've booked local, regional and national jobs through her and she protects me completely. I feel safe and protected by her agency. They have my best interest at heart as well as the clients. I don't want her job...its a crazy amount of work! That said, she makes it look easy. If you are searching for an agent or for talent...I simply can't recommend this agency enough.

Derek S.
Dani's Agency has been amazing. She goes above and beyond to get top pay! It is because of her my career as an actor has progressed! She booked me in a movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg and lots of commercials as well!! If you are serious in entertainment she is the best in town!! 2019

Santiago C
Dani has been my agent now for nearly 6 years and I highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking for an honest, professional, and well known and respected agent. Dani is dedicated and gets you seen by directors casting a wide variety of work including national commercials, industrial videos, and most importantly, featured films and very popular TV shows in and out of state. Dani and her team care about their actors and frequently provide valuable professional advice and come up with ways to help bring her actors together for special events where we can network with each other. 2019

Alma S.
I moved to Arizona last year from a large commercial market on the east coast. I signed with Dani because after calling around town to a few agencies, and she was the only one who treated me with respect and took the time to answer all of my questions about her agency. My first impression was that she was very professional and had a lot of knowledge about this market and the industry. Dani has more than lived up to expectations. The amount of work she puts in to get her talent working is incredible. She really cares about my career and she and Misti are incredibly supportive. Communicating with her is very easy, she's very responsive, which is an important thing when looking for an agent. I haven't even been signed a full year yet and I've been on dozens of castings and have booked two commercials, one of which was is slated to air in five states. Dani's experience and commitment is what makes her a great agent. Dani's Agency is the perfect fit for me. 2019

Andrea H.
I have been represented by Dani's Agency for almost two years, and working with them has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! They work so hard for their talent, and I started booking jobs the second after signing with them! They are always quick to respond to me and answer any questions that I have. Dani even calls to just to check in with me. I could not be happier with Dani's Agency! 2019

Margarita M.
I have been with Dani's Agency for over 15yrs and I am so lucky to be represented by the best in the industry! They care about you like you were family and they always fight for what's best for you. I get work in English and Spanish and so do my children. They guide you and are always finding new and innovative ways to get you out and working. They are absolutely the BEST!!! 2016

Alison Ong
We LOVE Dani's Agency! My kids (now in college) have been with Dani's Agency since their preschool years. Dani, Misti, and Bill have helped them with auditions, film, jobs for print, voice over, and commercials over the years. This has helped both of my kids with their self esteem and confidence level growing up. From day one, they have treated us professionally and also like family. They focus on the positive and helping others. We have had such a wonderful experience with Dani's Agency! :)

Michael Stone
Dani's Agency is an outstanding talent agency!. Dani, Misti and Bill work hard for their talent. Since signing with Dani's Agency I've appeared in several feature films, national television shows and local commercials. If you are looking for an Agency that treats you like family, and are true professionals, I highly recommend Dani's Agency!! 2016

Michelle Alexander
Dani's is a superb SAG-affiliated agency in Tempe, AZ! I initially had my daughter signed with them and after deciding that I would submit too in case any mother-daughter work became available, I have gotten FOUR jobs in the short time that I have been with them! Two of the jobs were pretty big commercial and print jobs! I cant say enough good things about this family. They make you feel prepared and their communication is second to none from the time of audition through booking. I look forward to many years of representation! Dani, Misti and Bill KNOW this business and work hard for their talent! 2015

Bobby M
THANK YOU Dani's agency! I have been with Dani's agency for a few years and feel so lucky to be represented by them. The tireless, selfless effort they put forth is amazing! Dani, Bill, Misti and George make you feel like family. I was with another agency for a few years before signing with Dani's and to put it bluntly I made more money the first year with Dani's than I did in 3 or 4 years with the other agency. I have had opportunities to audition for national, regional and local projects. I recommend Dani's agency to anyone who wants to pursue this business. In my opinion Dani's agency is the best in the business! 2015

Terri W
I've been represented by Dani's Agency for several years and have been very happy with their professionalism and the jobs I've received! Dani's is a top-notch, legitimate SAG-affiliated agency in the Phoenix area. They work hard to provide us opportunities in film, TV, commercials, industrial film, print work and voice over.

I've been provided with many great audition opportunities. One very nice perk is that I've booked several jobs in commercial and print work directly through Dani's database talent search on their website, without having to audition! One recent commercial that I directly booked was for Native Grill & Wings (see photos). Just a few hours of work with good pay and a fun experience!

Thanks Dani, Misti & Bill for all your hard work and support to help us succeed!! I appreciate you all. 2014

Natalie Fierros
I have had the pleasure of being represented by Dani's Agency for about 10 years now. I would highly recommend them to any one looking for representation in Arizona. This can be a difficult industry to navigate and, unfortunately, not everyone involved in representation has your best interests in mind. Dani, Bill and Misti have their actors at the forefront in all their decisions. I am grateful for their honesty, guidance, and friendship over the past years. I have worked consistently, earned good money and had some incredible experiences because of them. Great agency for all ages and levels! 2014

Gina Mure
I have been booked for many diverse and exciting jobs through Dani's over the years. Because of their integrity, professionalism, and expertise, I have learned (and continue to learn) so many valuable things about this great industry. And to top it off, they are very NICE people! 2014

James Pantoja
I give Dani's Agency an A+++++! I was blessed to meet Dani, Bill and Misti a few years ago. I have had many great experiences with this agency and continue to have success with them. I have landed some roles that have really been influential on my acting career. I would definitely recommend this agency to anybody. They treat you like family here and constantly keep you positive and motivated. I couldn't ask for a better agency to work with. They offer great local work as well within the community and never fail to send me on a plethora of auditions. They have worked hard for me and I am extremely thankful for all that they have done! 2013

Steven Cox
I cannot emphasize how wonderful and legitimate Dani's agency is. They are one of if the the best talent representation in Arizona. For anyone who wants to pursue acting in film and television, Dani's is a great place to look into. Misti, Dani, and Bill all work very hard to give their talent the most opportunity and all of the resources necessary to pursue acting in Arizona. They are honest, sincere, and genuinely caring about their talent and clients. They have a true passion for the industry and want their talent to succeed. 2013

Terey Summers
I have Ben with Danis Agency for 22 years. A transplant from Los Angeles, I was hoping to find adequate local representation in az as I made my travels back and forth. My hope was exceedingly met with this quality agency. They clearly play ball with the big boys... They are innovative.. Think outside the box. Eager... Hard hard working. Integrity is off the charts. I have worked in every medium I can be represented in, television, radio, film... Live gigs... And every booking is handled with great care and professionalism. And this agency is sought after. Top of the ladder. Having worked in Los angels for many years and maintained representation there for quite a while... Danis agency brought me more work than any where I have been. And strong work. My resume reflects this agency! 2013

Mari Birdsall
Within a month of signing with Dani I had three auditions and booked two jobs! I was able to book a union job and now have the option of becoming a union member whenever I please. This agency is like a family and they're in constant contact with you to make sure you're satisfied as well as getting auditions. If you're starting out and are looking for an agency Dani's agency is the way to go. They'll help kick start your career in no time and make you feel important all the while. 2012

Dan Arbelo
Any actor starting out can say this about the industry, it is scary and confusing. As a fairly new actor, that's what went through my head as I started to look for Agencies. I was presented 3 options and Dani's was one of them. Let me just say that I have not regretted one moment with them. Bill, Misti, and Dani really work hard to get you going in the industry. They treat you like family and TRULY care about all their talent. in under 60 days of signing with them I not only was auditioning for roles, but I landed a very nice paid role AND became SAG eligible. Not many agencies can hold that boast, yet Dani's Agency can. They take their time to help any and all of their talent understand the business and are so helpful with answering any questions. Several of their talent have had roles on various mediums, from television to big screen. Just off of the top of my head I can think of 2 things, Breaking Bad (which is something Bill gets FREQUENT information on) and 2 Guns (upcoming movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Mark Wahlberg) I truly recommend this agency for any and all levels/ages of actors out there. 2012

Casting agencies hiring older adults
We represent all ages but the news contacted us to do a story about older actors.

Dani's Agency explains how to find a talent agent
They wanted to cover this subject so they contacted our agency.

Dani's Agency is a leader in the entertainment industry in Arizona. For over two decades Dani's Agency has been contacted directly by local news stations and publications to be interviewed about the subject matter they chose at the time. Dani's Agency has never paid to be featured in any media.

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