William (Bill) Green , Digital Media Engineer at DANI'S AGENCY, LLC

When Dani found herself without a job when her former employer closed their doors unexpectedly it was Bill that said, "This is a blessing in disguise. Now you can open your own agency." Dani was worried but with Bill's encouragement and support Dani's Agency was created. Bill helped financially to start but it was not long before the agency was self-sufficient.

Bill worked without a paycheck from the agency while setting up Dani's business on computer while working full time at Allied-Signal Aerospace. He eventually retired in 1998 after 20 years and began building Dani's Agency's website.

Dani's Agency website had the first online searchable talent database in the world in early 1999. Over the years Bill added digital stills and video clips and incorporated them all into the new talent database at the end of 2005. He also completely updated the entire website at that time with new photos and resource links pages. In 2007 he began adding recent work and demo reels to the online talent database.

Bill started his own Digital Multimedia Company in 2003 appropriately named Digital Bill Multimedia . He opened a studio next door to Dani's Agency at 1 East Camelback Road office and started working on digital projects such as sport's team photography and digital videographer and editor for weddings, plays, talent demo reels, etc., and is Dani's Agency in-house casting director. In 2007 Bill's company went from a sole propietorship to a Limited Liability Company and became Honaleia Communications, LLC.

TEMPE, AZ 85282

Over the years Bill tagged along with Dani to several industry related events and meetings. He was nominated and elected to the Arizona Production Association Board of Directors in 2004 and re-elected the end of 2007. As APA Internet Committee Chairman, Bill spearheaded the creation of the new redesigned Arizona Production Association's website and is the web master for the new site still today.

Bill's email... bill@danisagency.com

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